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Andy’s Photography Tips: The Perfect Hawaii Sunset Picture

If you visit Hawaii, I guarantee you’ll see at least one sunset that will simply take your breath away. Actually, you may see many of them and you’ll likely get a blister on your index finger as you continually push the button on your camera! 🙂 Unfortunately, what often looks good on your camera’s 2″ screen doesn’t always translate into ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals and News Roundup 2/26/09

Here’s what’s cooking in the Hawaii vacation news kitchen today: * Since Mokulele Airlines began inter-island service a few months ago, fare wars surfaced. Just this week, a new twist to the fare war began. Mokulele is offering travel coupons — five one-way flight vouchers for the total cost of $267. That works out to $53.40 per one-way flight, which ... Read More »

Driving with Aloha in Hawaii

The Aloha spirit is everywhere in Hawaii, even on the busy roads. When you drive your rental car on your Hawaii vacation, you should be prepared to drive with Aloha. There’s a phrase that goes, “To receive Aloha, you must give Aloha.” So, I want to share my driving tips to help you blend in with the locals and give ... Read More »

The “Restaurant” With the Best Sunset View in Hawaii

Pssst! Hey you! Shh! Here’s a secret for ya: Hawaii beaches are practically deserted near sunset. Can you believe it? We took this photo from Waikiki Beach near sunset. Notice that this extremely popular beach isn’t very crowded at all and it became even more quiet as the sunset was nearing. We were amazed at how quiet Waikiki Beach would ... Read More »

These shoes were made for walking & a lot more (in Hawaii)

As you already know, I’m a big fan of packing light and always try to travel to Hawaii without checking luggage. You also probably already know that my top secret to packing light is to minimize the number of shoes I bring. Well, I’ve just completed my second trip with these hiking sandals and I am so pleased with how ... Read More »

Get Lei’d Back at Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber

On my recent visit to Oahu, I had the opportunity to have dinner at the brand new Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber in Waikiki. This family-friendly restaurant and adjacent Honolulu Surfing Museum, had only been open a couple of days and already it was buzzing with customers and enthusiastic staff. Knowing that Jimmy Buffett is usually thought to be more ... Read More »

Navigate Hawaii with this $60 GPS Navigation Bargain!

Sheila’s already explained the benefits of bringing your own GPS navigation unit to Hawaii–especially if you’re visiting Oahu and its many one-way streets–and now you can pick up your own for the bargain price of just $59.99. With free shipping, I might add! The pocket-sized unit includes built-in maps of Hawaii and is packed with many great features. I’m not ... Read More »

Vintage Oahu North Shore Surfing Video

I love finding vintage Hawaii memorabilia, and so naturally, I was glad to come across this vintage Oahu North shore surfing video from 1965. Before you watch it, prepare for some cheesy jokes and set aside nine minutes to see the entire video. Oh, and enjoy that Hawaiian exotica music, too. Yeah, baby! Read More »

Easiest Way to Find the Beach Camp Where Lost is Filmed

UPDATE: We have received reports that there are no longer any markings to indicate the exact location of the beach camp. You can still walk to the general area and it will look familiar to fans of the show. — We’ve visited the beach camp set where Lost is filmed twice now. The first time (June, 2007) we tried finding ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals and News Roundup 2/17/09

Tons o’news today, folks…. Kona Village Resort bungalow and Hawaii’s only all-inclusive style resort is back on sale! (I wrote about a similar deal back in December and I’m somewhat surprised to see it again.) The deal is $275 per night and includes meals, luau, and activities. The deal is valid for stays between February 20 and June 15 with ... Read More »

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