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Tips for Planning Your Trip to Hawaii

As a former industrial engineer, I can be a bit of a planning nerd. 🙂 I’ve found that by investing a couple of hours into research and planning, the effort has paid off with some perfect vacations in Hawaii and elsewhere. If you use the tips I’ll be sharing here I think you will agree that the planning investment is ... Read More »

Hawaii Rocks!

After such a serious and very concerning post earlier today, I thought I’d lighten things up with this post on Hawaii rocks.  🙂  This photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods on Lanai. Read More »

Another Warning on Haleakala Bike Tours

Dear readers, you know that I rarely have an unkind word to say about tours in Hawaii, but I just can’t help expressing my concern in this instance. I only share this with you because I sincerely care for your safety. I was very saddened to read the news of another tourist killed while on a downhill Haleakala biking tour.  This incident marks ... Read More »

Review of The Plantation House Restaurant in Kapalua Maui

I’ve had the pleasure of dining at The Plantation House Restaurant in Maui several times over the years. I always look forward to going there because the views are outstanding and the food is always wonderful. See the following video for a short glimpse of the commanding views from The Plantation House restaurant. In my opinion, this is one of ... Read More »

Rare 1950’s Waikiki Beach Surfing Video

I thought this vintage video was really neat.  The surfing stunts are impressive and it was interesting to see Waikiki Beach back when it wasn’t saturated with hotels.  (FYI, the last few seconds of the video oddly switch over to sumo wrestling, so you can give that a skip if you want.)  Enjoy!  Read More »

Woohoo! It’s Hawaii Contest Time Again!

 We had so much fun with Go Visit Hawaii’s first reader reward contest, that we had to offer another one.  I had asked for input on what you’d like and have tried to fulfill those requests.  I also picked up some other items that I found on my recent trip to Hawaii. So, for you, I hand picked these items and lovingly ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for September 25th

The Star Bulletin reports that Kilauea lava flows continue to advance into the forest and towards the Puna district.  The volcano observatory says that they don’t anticipate any immediate threats, but “vent areas and lava channels are hazardous and conditions can change rapidly.” Christopher Elliott has a nice article with five reasons why renting a home or condo can be a ... Read More »

Affordable Transportation on Maui – Information on Maui’s Bus System

Using public transportation can be an environmentally friendly and economical choice for getting around on vacation.  Most people know about Oahu’s TheBus, but many don’t know much about Maui’s bus system. The service currently operates nine routes with two of the routes having stops at the airport. Fares are either $1 or free depending on the route you take.  For the routes with fees, each ... Read More »

More Oahu Free Entertainment

This Monday must be ‘freebie day”.  Almost as soon as I published my list of top 10 free Oahu activities, I received notification of free island entertainment offered at the Waikiki Beach Walk.  The show is called Ku Ha’aheo, “To Cherish with Pride.”  This show includes adult and keiki (children) hula dancers.  It is described as follows: A unique blending of contemporary ... Read More »

10 Best Free Activities and Attractions on Oahu

Visiting Oahu and having a great time does not have to cost a bundle. You’ll find plenty of free or very inexpensive activities and sights on Oahu. When we recommend for the top things you should do and see on each island, we focus on the aspects that are unique to that island. For Oahu, we think the military history and ... Read More »

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